Environmental Advice

Bass Highway – Various Projects

Client: Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER)

During planning for upgrade of sections of the Bass Highway, DIER sought advice to ensure environmental requirements were sufficiently interpreted and incorporated into tender drawings and documentation.

Key Issues related to a range of potential impacts from construction including erosion, sediment transport, vegetation clearance and contamination. A number of the projects were directly adjacent to creeks and rivers. Rehabilitation of constructed batters was also required.

Project components included the review of environmental assessment reports, conditions of approval, permit conditions and other requirements of various government authorities.

Millin EMS then liaised with the design teams to incorporate environmental safeguards into detailed designs.

Environmental specifications were prepared for inclusion into tender documents. This included both preventative and mitigative management measures including drainage, silt control structures, threatened vegetation protection and landscaping. Technical advice was provided and construction environmental management plans reviewed.

Millin EMS conducted routine site audits during bulk earthworks and construction to ensure compliance with environmental requirements.

Involvement by Millin EMS ensured that impacts were minimised and works were undertaken to appropriately rehabilitate cleared areas.