Millin EMS is a well respected environmental consulting business, established in Hobart, Tasmania in 1996.  We provide a variety of services to individuals, industry and government. Over the past 15 years, We have been at the forefront of environmental management in some of the largest infrastructure projects in Tasmania, especially in highways, rail, dam upgrades, wind farm development and related transmission, residential sub-divisions and a range of other smaller to medium scale developments.

Our services in environmental management include assessment and development of natural resources, construction and development projects, environmental planning and land use studies, water and wastewater management and site environmental management plans. We provide innovative technical and management solutions to achieve positive outcomes for our clients and the environment.

The skills of our team are complemented by a network of specialists who offer additional skills for site and project specific requirements. Millin EMS draws on a variety of highly experienced and qualified geoscientists, terrestrial ecologists, geomorphologists, water quality, environmental assessment and management specialists.

We are proficient project managers and have experience in a range of environmental disciplines.

Philip Millin, Principal Environmental Consultant

has working experience in various parts of the world including Africa, South East Asia, South America and around Australia.

Philip is an environmental geoscientist with 15 years experience in the resources industry and over the past 20 years in environmental management. His main areas of experience are in major infrastructure, project approvals and development, environmental management systems and site operational plans, environmental assessment and impact mitigation, audits, water and soil quality monitoring, wastewater and stormwater management. Philip’s earlier career over 15 years was in mineral exploration, project development and corporate management with extensive experience in field sampling, geochemical, geophysical and terrain surveys and mineral resource investigations.

Philip’s innovative approach, his understanding of earth and natural sciences and his appreciation of environmental and planning legislation provides a strong foundation for addressing a range of often complex environmental issues. He has developed particular skills in natural water treatment systems and features including constructed wetland design and management.

At a strategic level he is the Chairman of the Tasmanian Government Environment Industries Council. He served for 14 years as the Tasmanian Councillor and President of the Environment Institute of Australia & New Zealand (Tasmania Division), as well as a period as National Vice President between 2001 and 2004.