Water & Soil Sampling


Millin EMS has extensive experience in quality monitoring in a number of environments including marine and freshwater, wetlands, stormwater and wastewater.  Established sampling procedures ensure compliance with sampling standards with accurate samples labelling, field notes and collection of duplicates and field blanks to ensure the highest possible standard of sample collection. We have a range of in house equipment for onsite water quality testing including:

  • Multi-probe DO, pH and Conductivity meter
  • Turbidity meter
  • Battery operated pumps
  • Sampling poles and bailers
  • Decontamination equipment

We have established relationships with equipment rental companies and other local research organisations and can obtain additional specialised equipment as required to undertake diverse sampling and environmental monitoring programmes.

Millin EMS has established excellent relations with a number of laboratories in Hobart including Analytical Services Tasmania and the Hobart City Council laboratory at Self’s Point.   We also have established relationships with laboratories located in Melbourne, where additional specialised sample analysis can be undertaken. 

All results are checked immediately upon receipt to allow follow up analysis to be conducted by the laboratory if necessary. All results and Chain of Custody documentation is compiled in project files and is available as required in various formats to fulfil Client Quality Systems.

Millin EMS presently conducts ongoing monitoring programmes for water and wastewater effluent compliance for Kingborough Council, Huon Valley Council, Hobart International Airport, as well as specific monitoring for other development projects.


With a strong background in geosciences, Millin EMS is able to conduct soil assessment and monitoring. We undertake soil assessment as part of regular site inspection for permits and licences and also where specific contamination incidents have occurred. Millin EMS is experienced in the preparation of soil sampling and monitoring plans and the management and completion of sample collection.

All sampling is undertaken according to our sampling procedures to enable the highest possible standard of sample collection and to ensure a robust and defendable dataset.

Sampling Programmes & Methodology

Millin EMS is experienced in the design and implementation of sampling programmes and can provide advice on existing and future sampling programmes. Whether working to a pre-existing sampling program or designing a new program the team will ensure timely sampling and reporting according to specific project and Client need.

We have experienced and capable personnel to organise, manage and supervise bore installation.  Millin EMS use proven methods and technologies to ensure a robust and defensible data set. This enables us to determine accurately whether results reflect real changes in environmental conditions and whether the changes can be deemed significant.