Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) are prepared to evaluate projects to ensure that there will be no unacceptable environmental consequences. Millin EMS has completed numerous impact assessments for a variety of project types and is able to undertake assessments for specific issues or to determine general site impacts.

Impact assessments are initiated by determining the nature of the site including any sensitive environments and factors of conservation significance (including historic). Proposed project phases including construction, operation and decommissioning are then examined in detail to determine any likely impacts. This allows mitigation and management measures to be proposed and enables impacts to be minimised while still facilitating timely and efficient project completion.

Community and stakeholder consultation is an integral part of the environmental impact assessment process. We work with key stakeholders to ensure optimal and professional outcomes are achieved.

Past projects where impact assessment has been undertaken include highway duplications, bridge replacements, wind farms, quarry developments, subdivisions, infrastructure upgrades and decommissioning.